Activity and News

Activity and News
Delivering Maintenance Management Guest Lecture at Vocational School of Gadjah Mada University

UT School actively participates in enhancing vocational students competencies, particularly in the field of Heavy Equipment. On September 4, 2023, UT School dispatched representatives to deliver a guest lecture at Universitas Gadjah Mada, one of Indonesia's leading vocational schools. The subject of the lecture was "Heavy Equipment Maintenance Management," covering topics such as Macro Process Maintenance Management, Maintenance Maturity Level, Key Performance Indicators for Maintenance, Mechanical Competencies, Tools & Facilities, and Maintenance Improvement.

This initiative aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of fundamental maintenance management principles, especially in the context of heavy equipment, and how to maintain spare parts in optimal condition. The hope is that students can apply the knowledge gained in real industry situations, preparing them to face challenges in the competitive world of heavy equipment and adapt effectively.

Through this collaboration, UT School aspires to make a positive contribution to the preparation of vocational students for a successful future.

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