Activity and News

Activity and News
Meeting with special staff of the Manpower Minister

Hello #InsanUTSchool,

Do you remember that on January 28, 2020, LPK UT School which is one of the education sector pillar of Yayasan Karya Bakti United Tractors received an honor because of Mrs. Hj Ida Fauziah as the Manpower Minister of the Republic of Indonesia was pleased to inaugurate Learning Facilities at UT School.

In the middle of 2020, where COVID-19 hit the whole world including Indonesia. As an implementation of appropriate technology produced by the Laboratory at UT School.

UT School is able doing research and development to produce product which prevent the transmission of COVID-19. AIRON, is one of products developed by UT School Laboratory where this product produce negative ions to kill viruses contained in the air.

A few time ago, AIRON was symbolically handed over by UT School to the staff of Manpower Minister, Mrs. Hj. Hindun Anisah.

"UT School Berkarya Tiada Duanya, Memang Luar Biasa!"