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Safety Center UT School

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     On Tuesday, 31 October 2017, UT School got a visit from the board of directors of PT United Tractors, Tbk. One of the agenda of the visit is to review and inaugurate UT Center Safety Center room, which is the latest practice facility at UT School Jakarta campus. On that occasion, Mr. Gidion Hasan, as president of PT United Tractors, Tbk. give direction to all UT School's academic community to always give priority to safety behavior (safety first) wherever we are, so that accident can be avoided (zero accident).


   UT School Safety Center is one of the means to support the achievement of safety learning objectives at UT School. Safety center is a classroom in which contains various kinds of learning media about safety. Through this safety center the instructor can do the learning process by giving various learning experiences to the students, like discussion, quiz, and doing some simulation by using some simulator. 


    It is expected that with this safety center, the safety material learning process at UT School will be more interesting for students with various learning experiences that they can get, so that the learning objectives can be achieved.