Activity and News

Activity and News

Jakarta - UT School Jakarta held a graduation procession on Monday (27/11/2023) which was attended by 36 graduates from Batch 32 in the Diesel Forklift room.

Present at the event were UT School directors: M. Hamdan Aziz, Muhyudi, Setyo Haryadi, and Syaifuddin Zuhri.

Jajaran direktur UT School di Wisuda Batch 32 UT School Jakarta

The event began with the opening of the graduation ceremony by the Director of UT School, M. Hamdan Aziz. Then continued with singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and the YKBUT march.

Pembukaan Sidang Wisuda Batch 32 UT School Jakarta

In his speech, Aziz informed that Batch 32 was the last batch of the Covid 19 pandemic period. For Batch 32, UT School had 148 students and specifically at UT School Jakarta there were 36 people.

"Please maintain the good name of UT School by implementing the INSANI character wherever you work. INSANI culture is one of the keys to achieving success." Aziz's advice to Batch 32 alumni when giving his speech.

Aziz also added that UT School is very committed to participating in making the nation's life smarter.

"Be the best wherever you work, continue to excel because UT School is well known to the wider community because of the achievements of its alumni," said Aziz, quoted by

"Nowadays, there are wide opportunities for careers abroad, this November we received guests from Tadano, and they opened up opportunities for UT School alumni to work in Japan," he said.

"Finally, don't forget to share your good impressions or experiences while in class training or on-the-job training on UT School's social media," concluded Aziz in his speech.

Penyampaian oleh direktur UT School

The peak of the graduation procession was marked by the pinning of the mechanic's hat and the presentation of a certificate as a basic mechanic expert by the UT School director.

Penyematan topi oleh direktur UT School

In this event, M. Syarif Ifridzo was selected as the best graduate and received an award from UT School.

Siswa terbaik Batch 32

"We were taught discipline when attending Attitude and Mental Coaching (Bintalsik), the facilities at UT School were very good, the instructors were also cool and really mastered the material." said Luster Pandiangan in conveying the alumni's impressions and testimonial.

The graduation procession continued with the reading of the alumni pledge and ended with singing Bangun Pemudi/a song and reading prayers.

foto berasama wisudawan batch 32 UT School Jakarta